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How Ukraine will conduct road safety checks
The Ministry of Infrastructure approved the Procedure for the inspection of road safety.
The corresponding order No. 266 was adopted on May 18, 2021 and will enter into force on the day of its official publication.
The procedure establishes the requirements for conducting a road safety inspection.
It has been determined that the object of road safety inspection is a public road or its section on which it is planned to carry out a road safety inspection;
risks – the presence of deficiencies in the road situation, which in the event of an unfavorable coincidence of circumstances can lead to the occurrence of road accidents and / or affect the severity of their consequences.
The road safety audits are carried out by the road safety auditor, the road safety auditor or the legal entities that have engaged such persons.
Road safety checks can be carried out on a planned or unscheduled basis.
The customer annually, by February 1, approves the road safety inspection plan for the current year, in which it determines the length of the road safety inspection object, indicating its beginning and end (km, m and / or GPS coordinates (latitude / longitude)).
An unscheduled road safety check on a road section, which is determined by an emergency dangerous place (section) or a place of concentration of road traffic accidents, is carried out with the involvement of employees of the National Police, within a period determined by the Procedure for identifying emergency dangerous areas and places of concentration of road traffic accidents, which is approved by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure.
The customer determines the scope of the road safety inspection, in particular, regarding the visual inspection of the road safety inspection object in the dark, on a certain day of the week, at hours with high traffic intensity, regarding the period of the road safety inspection, the number of persons who will carry out road safety checks.
The customer provides the contractor with documents and information about the objects of road safety inspection, namely:
– projects (schemes) of traffic management;
– information on the traffic intensity and composition of the traffic flow in the zones of influence;

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