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The best place to get information on the game is here:

Thanks for taking the time to check out this great game of Pokémon. In future articles about the game or any Pokémon game, you may want to consider getting the new Pokemon Card: Ticat!

Update: Updated the game and Pokemon card descriptions and information, and some new information about the new Pokemon Card that is now here: Download the latest updated Pokédex from the developer:

Update 2: Added links back to new release and update for Pokémon TCG Online in the Update 2 Pokémon TCG Pack. This brings to the forefront the new release, as the new release contains new and improved content, new features and new new Pokémon Cards.

Update: Added info on card rewards, cards and cards are also available in the Pokémon TCG Shop so you can download our newest card pack. Enjoy!

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