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* Added support for some popular formats.

* Added support for 3D format options in the menu

* Added support for the ability to create a 3D profile map for the website.

* Changed the order of pages added in the menu in the admin panel

* Fixed incorrect spacing when a large block was shown in the header

* Added support for more advanced rendering options

* Improved the performance of the menu to allow easier scroll behavior (better rendering than using the old menu items).

* Various bug fixes to support various browsers.

* New button: Add a ‘show my profile’ option.

* New button: Add a ‘show my image’ option.

* New button: Add a ‘set my image’ option.

* New button: Select an image in the gallery you want to add.

* New button: Set a selected image on the profile to display.

* New “Show me how things look! I just added my profile, I’m all done!” button

* New “Open the browser for me” button. “Show me more details… I have a different profile!” button

* New button: Set a selected image for the new tab. “Show me more details… I’ll add another profile.” button

* Some bug fixes

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Sample Page – : 1265

Step 2: Searching for a dispensary

Open a new tab in your Account > Health > Store Manager > Search for Marijuana Dispensary.

Step 3: Creating a Health List

Select the New Dispensary in the Health List, then open the Cannabis Dispensary.

Step 4: Enter your Health ID and your business name in the field.

Step 5:

Source: Cannabis Dispensary Website

And here’s exactly what you’ll see in a list of dispensary properties.

Step 6: You can browse for Cannabis Dispensary as a list of dispensary locations

We think, it will help you feel at ease and save you time when searching for a dispensary, at the dispensary or any other location in the city you may live in.

Source: Marijuana Dispensary Website

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