Plastic front panels and plates in Kiev.

Plastic front panels and plates in Kiev.

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The cladding of the facade of the building is the final stage of the external construction work. High-quality facade cladding not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also sound insulation, thermal conductivity, fire resistance, strength and reliability of the structure. Today, for the exterior of the house, various types of siding are used, including facade panels. There are a large number of types of facade cladding panels that differ in color and texture.

Cladding panels have high anti-corrosion performance, products are easy to install, easy to transport and unpretentious to maintain.

Plastic facade panels are intended for finishing ventilated facades, repairing obsolete buildings, filing cornices. Using plastic panels, you can create an external surface that imitates wood, marble, brick, glass, stone. In addition to the fact that the facade of the building acquires a bright appearance, the use of plastic facade panels provides reliable protection of the walls from the harmful effects of atmospheric phenomena.

Metal facade panels, which can be considered as an alternative, are distinguished by their long service life, good frost resistance, resistance to alkali and acid, and non-combustibility. Metal siding allows high-quality revetment of the most complex architectural elements of the facade. Another type of cladding panels are PVC plastic panels. They are used for decorating walls and other surfaces, making various decorative elements, and also as a lining material.

Plastic lining can be used as an alternative to replacing plastic panels.

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