Pioneer DDJ SB3

Pioneer DDJ SB3
Pioneer DDJ SB3
Pioneer DDJ SB3-B6

1:12 7:42 PM

The first half of the second half came in a very good fashion, which had little impact overall. For that reason I wanted to be patient with my first team. A strong second half had to be good for us to win a game for sure. The only problem I had with it was that my two best offensive players were not on the roster and didn’t really play well. In the end I made four substitutions and the loss was fairly minimal. We looked terrible but we’re not good enough to call shots when the opposition is on the verge of scoring and we’re not smart enough to push the tempo out of them. It seemed like everything was going in the right direction but I didn’t always know how to perform at this point. I guess maybe that is because of the injuries in the game and probably the way my role changed as I was exposed to different positions on and off the pitch.

We had all the time left on our schedule and we were playing well and in possession of the possession as well. I think we knew we would lose a lot of time and we wanted to get back into the game. I think we just didn’t feel like we could continue playing well. We lost the most games at Wembley since 2004 so all that really mattered right away. But, my second team was starting to step up.


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