Lorenzo De Prince Jonathan

Lorenzo De Prince Jonathan
Lorenzo De Prince Jonathan
Lorenzo De Prince Jonathan Johnson, Jr., a Republican, had been suspended the previous day because the sheriff’s department had cited him for speeding in a county that was otherwise not equipped to run his department.

The sheriff’s office in Oceanside will continue with its own officers but the investigation will continue.

A deputy’s arrest last Wednesday on suspicion of felony vehicle lane blocking at a freeway stop led to Oceanside police arresting an unarmed teen.

After police arrived at the scene, DePrince and his family waited outside their front door in a back-door car for seven hours before the man was arrested.
Lorenzo De Prince Jonathan

The sheriff’s office, including police and a volunteer group, have been conducting the case since Friday.

Police say DePrince jumped out of the car, got into an altercation and chased after the teen.

Authorities say the deputy and the deputy’s father were not acting suspicious.

Two deputies were sitting at the back of the deputies’ car as they watched DePrince break into the boy’s home around 1 p.m. The deputy and the deputy’s father went to investigate.

As the deputy waited for him to do what he needed to, a witness said the family members went upstairs.

“We went into a bedroom and that person came in, the deputy followed him downstairs. The deputy grabbed the man’s

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