House in Kanombe in Kigali –

House in Kanombe in Kigali –
House in Kanombe in Kigali -
House in Kanombe in Kigali – the second most populous city in Pakistan. We had several families that had fled when Taliban attacked. All of them and their children were kidnapped by the Taliban and given away.

Kiljeet Singh, his wife Arisabh and four other women were among the victims of the violence. The family members were taken to the police station in Kanombe where the family filed an open investigation against the security forces. When the police decided to issue a search warrant, a special unit of police was formed to stop the militants from leaving after the probe was completed.

According to the police, the four women and the others were abducted and handed over to a special body for identification by the military.

The investigation into the incident was conducted between October 1 and September 10, 2015. After the operation, security officials recovered several weapons belonging to the militants. Police will file a report in the next two months, as they have no further information regarding the circumstances of the kidnapping and the nature and details of the alleged kidnapping. House in Kanombe in Kigali –
On September 30, 2015, a court filed a complaint to the KPI-I committee against the government for its mishandling of internal affairs on the part of the security forces.

The UMPIC has filed a report to the Central Committee of Pakistan in June 2016 titled “Huge number of Pakistanis Arrested after Peshawar attacks in 2015,” with a draft for submission to the Central Committee

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