Dresses in Arada

Dresses in Arada
Dresses in Arada

The original photo also shows the silhouette of another girl dressed as a woman in dress. This is the first time a model has been used in a film.

The second photo shows what looks like a woman naked. In the original, the model had her knees on one side and was wearing a knee high top with straps on both sides, the bottom facing down. Later this was changed to a different top.

The third photo shows the silhouette of a woman dressed as a woman.

The fourth and final photo shows how the model wears the top of the dress.

On the right side of the photograph, the model has her knees on one side and a hip high top on the other. In this form of model posing, the top of the pants and thighs are shown.
Dresses in Arada

At the front of the model was a dress made with bony, red braided sleeves. The bust of the dress is shown, along with the skirt.

There were three models in Arada, Spain, from different countries that used different dresses.

Another model, Gipa,

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