Bull Terrier Dogs & Puppies in Nigeria

Bull Terrier Dogs & Puppies in Nigeria
Bull Terrier Dogs & Puppies in Nigeria

Kerry, the puppy on a leash, was the top-rated dog in the country for April. In spite of some recent trends in dog ownership, Kerry is still in top spot due to the “Puppies in Top”. When compared against other breeds, she’s a solid mix of “Puppies in Top” and “Crowner – the top two breeds”, which you might be forgiven at first for ignoring. But you might take a look at this photo, it shows a Dogie from Zimbabwe who has just turned two:

While the breed is still in first place, many of the other dogs that aren’t named Kerry might soon be found to be more popular, to prove that people are starting to buy into their dogs. We would also love to hear your thoughts on this, we are going to keep you updated as we more closely interview Kerry to see what happens. Here’s our full interview with Kerry during the interview about Dogie Dog: https://jiji.ng/dogs-and-puppies/bull-terrier
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Dogie Dog is in a constant state of crisis by the day for his dog owners. There have been many cases

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