A wedding cake. Review of the best cakes.

A wedding cake. Review of the best cakes.

Royal weddings are events not only of historical, but also of a planetary scale. The process of uniting royal families will forever be reflected in the pages of historical textbooks, the names of brides and grooms of “blue” bloods have joined the group of historical figures, and the wedding itself at the royal courts will be used for a long period of time as a topic for discussion by ordinary residents of different countries.

Absolutely every royal wedding at all times has attracted worldwide close attention, so the organizers of such a celebration simply need to hold the celebration at the highest level. Every detail should be thought out literally to the smallest detail, not to mention the wedding cake. We prepared a review of the best cakes based on royal weddings, of course, each such event looked simply exciting, and the scale of the celebration was truly incredible.

The first cake on our list was made at Specialty Desserts and Fleur de Lisa Wedding Cakes. Lisa Marie Kincaid, the cake designer, said that the most common grape vine inspired her to design this culinary masterpiece.

The next wedding cake was made by Bijoux Doux Specialty Cakes, based in New York. The pearl jewelry was invented by Ellen Baumwoll, he is the author of this original design, the openwork flower looks especially attractive.

The three wedding cakes are closed with a festive delicacy from fashion connoisseur Rita Dadaian. It is fashion that makes the base of the cake easy. Delicate lilac coloring and royal decorations made of sugar glaze made the cake really luxurious.

The following cake was prepared by Florida-based designer Betty Baird, who draws his ideas from the fascination with antiques and this passion is reflected in all dishes of the popular designer.


The fifth wedding cake was designed by Maureen P. Duffy, New York. Strict, even shapes and floral ornament made the cake the best option for such an important celebration in life as a wedding ceremony.

The sixth line goes to a wedding cake from California, the author of this masterpiece is designer Katrina Rozelle Pastries and Desserts.

New York is truly a treasury of culinary masterpieces, another confirmation of this is a wedding dessert from Carlo’sBakery. Designer Buddy Valastro went completely into shiny drapery and crystal sugar details while decorating the cake.

Eighth line goes to a festive treat from a Redmond confectionery called Mike’s Amazing Cakes. Thanks to the original design of the cake, it seems as if the countryside slopes of Texas come to life.

We continue our theme about the wedding cake, the review of the best cakes continues the culinary masterpiece from the pastry shop Kerry Vincent Cake Design. The designer tried to create the impression of a flamenco dancer’s skirt.

And we conclude our article with a culinary masterpiece from the pastry shop in Beverly Hills. Real diamonds were used to decorate this delicacy. Of course, precious stones are not suitable for eating, so the wedding cake is found under constant supervision by the security detachment.

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