A remedy for dry skin of the hands.

A remedy for dry skin of the hands.

Dry hand remedy: solution for

Youth and health of well-groomed hands is, first of all, sufficient moisture of the skin. Timely application of intensive moisturizing products will make even very dry problem skin soft, smooth and supple. Dry skin (xerosis), sensitivity to temperature changes, wind is quite common in both men and women. This feature is usually accompanied by:

peeling; coarsening; itching; microcracks of the skin; bleeding; feeling of tightness; redness.

All this makes the cosmetic problem medical: the hands become vulnerable to infections and inflammation, the appearance of dermatitis.

High-quality care cosmetics will help you avoid trouble. The action, benefits and healing properties of the ingredients of each item are described in detail in the electronic catalog

How does dry hand remedy work?

There are many cosmetic developments for very dry hand skin. Specialists from leading brands have created special products based on natural ingredients that professionally take care of the condition of the skin. The assortment of our online store includes such cosmetics with various effects from the application. Among the funds are:

moisturizing; with maximum protection against drying out; healing, promoting regeneration; for intensive nutrition; anti-aging, with a lifting effect; smoothing wrinkles, relief; promoting proper blood circulation; with the effect of freshness and

As well as

Remedy for dry hands, components and action.

Normal, healthy skin can also become dry when its barrier function is compromised and the ability to retain moisture is lost. In 6 einfachen Schritten intelligente und massive Ma?nahmen ergreifen Therefore, first of all, a good cream for dry hands should perform the functions of healing and restoration, as well as normalizing the water balance of the skin. This is especially true for people who often have to wash and disinfect their hands, since during the cleaning process, degreasing occurs, accelerated evaporation of moisture, and as a result

The special cosmetics formulas are aimed at maximum protection and hydration. At the same time, the remedy for dry hands should be actively absorbed without leaving stickiness, film or other discomfort. Among the popular and rare components in good cosmetics for very dry skin of hands, there may be:

glycerin for long-lasting hydration; alpha-bisabolol and allantoin relieve irritation; lanolin promotes nutrition; panthenol

And also provitamins, squalane, ceramides, niacinamide, emulsions and other active and auxiliary components.

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